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About this website and what you may find here in the future.

Posted by crypto101 5 years ago

Why crypto101.info?

I started trading bitcoins and altcoins in March 2017 (only 4 montsh ago as of this writing). Now, I have successfully traded stocks and options before. But still, there was quite a lot to learn: about blockchains, hardforks, ICO's and of course, the cryptocurrencies and the projects that are behind them.

This website simply is a place to write down the thing I learned, in a way that can benefit other people walking the same path.

This website will provide lessons, tutorials and applications.


In lessons, I will try to teach you everything I know about cryptocurrencies. The contents is based on the questions I receive frequently. Instead of answering those repeatedly in different Slack-channels, I will post my answers here. That way I only answer each question once and with time, I can improve those answers based on your feedback. Also: we'll start from scratch. I will assume you know absolutely nothing about cryptocurrencies or trading.


Personally, I like to improve things. So for example, I'm working on a new masternode installation guide for ExclusiveCoin ($EXCL). You will find those kinds of documents, usually targeting a specific coin, in the tutorials section.


I'm a software developer. At the moment, I'm working on various cryptocurrency-related projects like block explorers, masternode lists and API's. This website will be the home to those projects.


Short time / future plans include:

  • Website design, logo, Images;
  • Masternode installation guide for ExclusiveCoin;
  • Beginners' Lessons: Terminology, How Cryptocurrency Prices Are Determined, Reading Candlesticks, About Markets, About Bitcoin, About Altcoins, and more;
  • Integration with Disqus or some other blog feedback platform;
  • Releasing an API that combines the information from many other APIs currently available and adds to them;
  • Charts, ability to to some technical analysis;
  • Portfolio Manager. Telling you exacly how much (bitcoin, dollars, euros) you paid for you coins and their performace-to-date. No website is telling you that.
  • Visual blockchain browsers;
  • And much more. Maybe we'll even launch a coin some day, $C101.